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Inspiring Positive Change

empower employees, improve health and happiness: drive business.

Studies have shown 50% of employees would overlook a 10% pay rise and choose a company that cared about their wellbeing. Founders Chloe and Alexandra recognise that prioritising wellbeing is essential to building a high performing team. When employees feel undervalued, unfairly treated or unduly stressed they become demotivated and less productive – often leaving the business rather than working on their personal development.

Long sedentary office hours, stress and dietary misinformation have created a society in which chronic complaints are prevalent; and where fatigue, digestive issues, weight gain and depression have become daily irritants.

By adopting an evidence based approach and utilising functional testing, Health is Wealth Group can provide tangible results, guaranteed to motivate employees and demonstrate return on investment. 


Optimum health requires a 360-degree approach; no problem can be addressed in isolation.

Modern medicine is finally recognising the intrinsic connections between our environment, what we eat, our lifestyle and the effect it all has on physical and mental health. Very little is actually predetermined by genetics.

The good news?

This means we are all in a position to be proactive about optimising our health and wellbeing. Health is Wealth Group bring together leading consultants, life coaches, healers, trainers, doctors and medical professionals to provide a comprehensive health support system. Different industries, start-ups, multinationals and more; we bring together the perfect team of specialists for a myriad of businesses, introducing the relevant protocols for their people.


We educate. We address the diet. We recommend lifestyle adjustments and support you with the implementation.
— Chloe Cunningham, co-founder
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Health is Wealth Group Responds to The Growing Epidemic of Ill Health in the Workplace.

Chloe and Alexandra are committed to increasing awareness of Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine and the benefits businesses can reap from championing positive practices. 

Increasingly they found clients identifying work as the main cause of stress, anxiety and tension – which can manifest itself physically in a number of ways, often through digestive problems and sleep issues. Firmly advocating prevention as the key to maintaining optimum health, they created Health is Wealth Group; working with employers to create flexible, tailored solutions that can be implemented in the workplace.






Together we champion positive growth through the health and wellbeing of employees.



We believe in a responsibility to reach beyond boundaries and shape a better future.



We are all committed to healing, energising, engaging and inspiring others through an empathetic approach.



Fundamental to Health is Wealth Group is providing honest, open, ethical, fair and authentic guidance.

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Meet the medical professionals and renowned practitioners tailoring your experience and ensuring a 360 degree approach to optimum health.

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