Sleep Series: Melatonin, Does It Work?

Melatonin is illegal in the UK for a very good reason

It is worth noting here that whilst it isn’t illegal to buy melatonin from the US, it is illegal to sell it over-the-counter in the UK and for good reason – melatonin is a hormone and our endocrine systems are delicately balanced. If you begin introducing hormones - particularly without enough research, you have no idea how it will affect the other systems in your body; for example - how will the side effects manifest?

To highlight this, pregnant women are advised not to take it, and it has been suggested that it could interfere with both sperm count and ovulation cycles.

It is available as a prescription on the NHS for those over 55 who may struggle to produce melatonin and suffer with various forms of insomnia as a result.

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Chloe Cunningham