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Alexandra graduated with a BSc in Human Biology, where she specialised in neuroscience and nutrition. She received 1st class honours for her research project investigating the effects of vitamin D on Parkinson's disease, before continuing her education with two years at CNM studying Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathic Medicine.

As a clinical nutritionist Alexandra helps patients with a number of health conditions. She recognises the concept of biochemical individuality and firmly believes no one diet is right for everyone. Her focus is on determining the specific and unique needs of each client in nutrition, lifestyle and supplements. 

After graduating Alexandra worked at The Natural Doctor on London's Harley Street where she trained as a thermal imaging technician and learned nutritional breast cancer prevention. This led her to complete postgraduate diplomas in Nutrition and Natural Medicine at CNM London, including two years of clinical training. During this time she travelled the UK and Europe training others in thermal breast imaging.