5 Top Stress Relieving Tips

It is no secret that stress is a part of daily life. However, when that stress becomes excessive, otherwise known as chronic stress, it can have serious implications for our health and wellbeing. In a modern society where long office hours prevail it is important to find ways to relieve stress that work for you. For those of you looking for more creative solutions beyond meditation and yoga, here are some unexpected and fun ways to relieve stress. 


Chanting is actually an effective technique to reduce stress, whether it is just a phrase or a few words. Chanting classes are popping up all over London now but you can also find a number of videos online to chant along with! Chanting things such as “I will be OK” or “I am doing fine” quietly to yourself when stressed can relax and calm you instantly, allowing you to go on with your day. 

Hugging, Kissing and Holding Hands

Hugging and holding hands with others we care about can increase the flow of endorphins and even slow the release of cortisol (our bodies’ main stress hormone). Spending time with people you love can also help put our problems into perspective, reducing our stress levels. 

Watching Creatures in an Aquarium 

Various studies have shown that watching swimming fish (the more the better) lowers heart rates as well as blood pressure. Taking some time to watch them at an aquarium in the office or at home can give you a fast and easy way to calm yourself throughout the day. 


Yes, adults can color too! In fact, there are plenty of adult coloring books available in bookstores and online to relieve stress. According to a study conducted by San Francisco State University, adults who regularly participated in a creative hobby outside of their work were rated as more innovative and helpful by their fellow colleagues. Consider keeping a coloring book with you at your office or at home when you need a minute to unwind and destress.

Spending More Time in Nature

Spending time outside allows you to reap countless benefits. Nature is an easy and free way to reduce our stress levels when we are feeling overwhelmed or overworked. If possible, try engaging in outside activities such as jogging, cycling, or even gardening. While finding time to go outside may be difficult, it is essential to reducing stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Beyond these fun ways to relieve stress, nutrition also plays a vital role in reducing chronic stress. Foods such as dark chocolate (rich in antioxidants), avocados (packed with omega-3 fatty acids), and various types of nuts such as pistachios can all help combat chronic stress. Nutrition can also help build stress resilience, with certain nutrients calming the body and even the nervous system. For more information on building stress resilience through nutrition, contact us here. We would love to hear from you.

Chloe Cunningham