We provide flexible models and a range of tailored workplace solutions that make it easy for health and wellbeing to become a core part of your strategy for success.  

Choose from carefully curated seminars, consultations, testing, wellbeing programmes and comprehensive health MOTs. Discover engaging, interactive sessions which range from focus group breakfast events to company-wide presentations.    

Nutrition Seminars


Choose from a series of informative seminars filled with both practical advice and the latest scientific, evidence-based research. Fundamental to wellbeing, nutrition is at the core of our philosophy for optimum health and employees will be given the tools to enhance focus, energy and cognitive function.

Seminars can explore a range of topics relevant to your work force, with useful takeaways and follow up consultations available to support long-term results. 

Popular themes include:

  • Nutrition: Building Stress Resilience
  • Sleep: How Much is Enough and How to Get More
  • Mental Health: The Surprisingly Profound Role of Nutrition
  • Support your Sport: Reach the Next Level


12 Week Targeted Programmes


Designed to support individual employee health needs, we’ll work with you over a 12 week period to provide personalised support and deliver perceptible changes. An initial MOT test provides an accurate insight and results are analysed at a subclinical level to identify the most appropriate course.

Popular courses include:

  • RESTORE: Stress, Sleep and Burnout
  • EMPOWER : Weight Loss, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
  • BALANCE: Pregnancy, Fertility and Hormones


12 Month Wellbeing Calendar


For optimum impact, our tailored in-house annual programmes provide a structured approach to building a healthier, happier workforce.

Each month has a focal campaign supported by relevant seminars, access to specialist practitioners, follow up consultations and more. Regular reviews and assessments ensure your team get the best out of the experience, with a focus on what success looks like to them.




Choose from comprehensive programmes or contact us directly for a tailored solution for your business.

  • Increase engagement
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce days of absence
  • Improve retention
  • Motivate and empower
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"Ali and Chloe delivered an
excellent seminar. We are looking forward to having them back to educate us further on health and wellbeing."

- Pete Madden, QBE